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Kuwait City

Disturbing dreams. First, I had an argument with an engineer over a screwdriver. In another, I told one reporter that I was fully aware of the fact that he knew everything so he could quit telling me about it. These dreams were perfectly understandable as manifestations of personality conflicts that went on during the day. And curiously, they resolved themselves the next morning. The engineer actually had a friendly word (probably because he was going home at last.) And the reporter--well, he cooked me a steak for breakfast, and then he mentioned that he had a large supply of liquor stashed in his room and was planning a big party Saturday night. So all the hard feelings seem forgiven. Except....

There was this dream where Carolina was driving me somewhere on the freeway, and out of some anger or frustration with me she just jumped out the car door. Left in a runaway auto, I too was forced to bail out--just in time to see it crash and turn over in the ditch. It was bad enough what happened to our Honda, but Carolina just laughed it off--more out of spite, I think...and then she walked down a pier, across a gangplank, and onto a cruise ship bound for some exotic tropical port. She clearly had no intention of ever coming back to me. In despair I dove into the water after her departing boat, only to sink to the bottom. That's when I woke up.

I was feeling a little homesick, and quite guilty about leaving my wife behind to cope with everyday affairs while I went off on this excellent adventure. I wondered if I should or could ever make such a trip again. And then Dick Blystone, the London reporter who travels extensively for the network, came up to me in the office and asked if I was interested in doing more work overseas. I thought about it for a second before telling him yes.

Nothing may come of it. But it's nice to know I've made an impression with some very experienced people. I like Dick and his work, and I would work with producer John Towriss any chance I got. It this trip was intended to further my horizons, then it just might be a big success.

The day was spent editing--a full twelve hours preparing material for a special one-hour show we're doing live from the oil field tomorrow evening. Looks like my contribution will be the editing of packaged material; I'm not scheduled for the live crew.

But there was one more stroke of luck and a chance to settle an earlier uneasiness. A fellow from the U.S. Embassy stopped in the office this evening to say he was flying back to the States and would take any mail with him. Seizing the chance to surprise Carolina with a letter, I dashed off a quick note and added it to his pouch. If it gets there I know she'll be thrilled, and it did my heart (not to mention my conscience) a world of good to send her a love letter. It's time to start counting the days until I'm headed home.

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